Версия 6.72b

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Версия 6.72b
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Дата выпуска
Dota 2:


Treant Protector icon.png Treant Protector

  • Base armor reduced by 1
  • Living Armor now regenerates buildings only in a 900 aoe
  • Leech Seed cooldown rescaled from 12 to 18/16/14/12

Slark icon.png Slark

  • Essence Shift no longer permanently steals attributes


  • Restored Shadowraze's original visual effect
  • Recolored Spiritbreaker during Charge of Darkness to make it clear that he is no longer magic immune since 6.72
  • Fixed a PPC Mac only bug that caused crashes on map selection
    • Make sure to delete the old map and restart
  • Fixed a bug that caused saving and reloading to crash
  • Fixed a bug with Infest and -switch
  • Fixed a bug with Living Armor and -switch
  • Fixed a possible fatal error with Whirling Axes on map edges
  • Fixed Troll's bash not getting leveled up properly
  • Fixed the lowest level of bkb and cheese being stealable
  • Fixed Dragon Knight Elder Form interaction with Telekinesis causing the model to be stuck on the ground
  • Fixed Wisp appearing in -randomint
  • Fixed a bug with Whirling Axes and -swap
  • Fixed some problems with Timewalk that caused it to drag performance down a lot
  • Fixed a few other misc bugs

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