Версия 6.73c

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Версия 6.73c
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  • Сбалансированы несколько героев.
Дата выпуска
Dota 2:


Ember Spirit icon.png Ember Spirit

  • Fire Remnant activation cost increased from 100 to 150
  • Flame Guard magic barrier reduced from 150/300/450/600 to 100/250/400/550

Legion Commander icon.png Legion Commander

Timbersaw icon.png Timbersaw

  • Chakram mana cost over time reduced from 20/30/40 to 20/25/30


  • Removed all Christmas themed additions
  • Fixed death timer not showing properly
  • Fixed a crash that happens on PowerPC Mac systems when playing online
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause Ember Spirit to be unable to move
  • More map optimizations
  • Fixed Aghanim Tiny Illusions appearing as unupgraded Tiny
  • Fixed rare bugs with Sleight of Fist and Hex
  • Fixed sound effect on Skywrath Mage's attack projectile
  • Fixed visual effect for Rod of Atos's slow not showing
  • Fixed various tooltips
  • Fixed Ring of Aquila shared disable icon
  • Fixed a very minor visual glitch with Tranquil Boots item cooldown causing non-active items to look in cooldown
  • Fixed Shadow Demon's scoreboard icon
  • Fixed a bug with Tranquil boots and Aghanim Meepo
  • Fixed Orchid recipe shop hotkey
  • Fixed Chakram continuing to deal damage after game is over

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