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Список изменений

Новая жизнь

  • Gameplay: Fixed all units having 1 less mana than intended.
  • Voice: Added voice_always_sample_mic convar as workaround for users experiencing stalls when using voice.
  • Engine: Enabled low-address memory reservation in 32bit builds for Lua stability running under 64bit Windows as well as 32bit Windows when the /3GB flag is set.
  • Пользовательские игры: Allow AbilityTextureName overrides on any item, not just data driven items.
  • Custom Games: Updated a number of hero abilities to work correctly with multiple teams and true sight.
  • Custom Games: True Sight modifiers from different teams will work correctly.
  • Custom Games: Fixed a bug where heroes without an ultimate used improper hotkeys to trigger the last ability.
  • Custom Games: Added Entity I/O functions SetEnabled(), SetDisabled() and SetEnabledExclusively() to info_player_start_dota. SetEnabledExclusively() allows custom maps to easily change the active spawn location.
  • Custom Games: Fixed bug where disabling fog of war using SetFogOfWarDisabled() caused issues with trees and invisible heroes.
  • Panorama: GameUI.SetCameraPitchMax and GameUI.SetCameraDistance added to the API.
  • Panorama: GameUI.SetRenderBottomInsetOverride and SetRenderTopInsetOverride added to the API.
  • Panorama: Entities.IsValidEntity, Entities.IsItemPhysical and Entities.GetContainedItem added to the API.
  • RPG Example: Now allows a left-click to pick up dropped items and double-click is now captured by the mouse filter.
  • RPG Example: Added checkpoints to rpg_example using info_player_start_dota entity i/o and added basic item drops.
  • RPG Example: Now demonstrates turning off the top bar HUD
  • Misc: Replaced dota_render_crop_height & dota_render_y_inset convars with dota_render_bottom_inset & dota_render_top_inset
  • Hammer: Fixed bug where dota_item_spawner didn't show items from npc_items_custom.txt
  • Hammer: Dota_item_spawner will now preview models for items which have a model specified
  • Добавлена ячейка Голова в снаряжение для Viper minimap icon.png Viper
  • Добавлена страница команд в Компендиум The International 2015.
  • Добавлено больше поз для инструмента создания статуй.
  • Обновлены фразы в Колесо чата.
  • Смещение полосы здоровья Meepo minimap icon.png Meepo увеличено с 100 до 125.



  • Содержит:


Невыпущенный материал

  • Добавлены строки для предмета на Abaddon minimap icon.png Abaddon: Mark of the Mistral Fiend
  • Добавлены строки для предмета на Death Prophet minimap icon.png Death Prophet: Shaded Euology
  • Добавлены строки для предмета на Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight: Wurmblood
  • Добавлены строки для предмета на Lion minimap icon.png Lion: Gruesome Embrace
  • Добавлены строки для предмета на Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png Phantom Assassin: Fearful Aria
  • Добавлены строки для предмета на Pudge minimap icon.png Pudge: Heirlooms of the Great Bogatyr
  • Добавлены строки для предмета на Razor minimap icon.png Razor: Lightning Lord
  • Добавлены строки для предмета на Tidehunter minimap icon.png Tidehunter: Diving Helmet