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Версия от 13:32, 23 декабря 2019; MedokBOT (обсуждение | вклад) (Бот: косметические изменения)
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Список изменений

Dota 2 Новая жизнь

Пользовательские игры

  • Added support for up to 24 players in custom games.
  • Custom Games can now be played on official dedicated servers. You'll start seeing Overthrow and Dota 10v10 on our servers today, and we'll expand coverage to other games in the near future.
  • Added the Dota 10v10 Custom Game that was played at the TI5 Allstars game
  • Added support for debugging Lua scripts with Eclipse.

Игровой процесс

  • Wards now give a visual indication before you click to place them if the location is invalid
  • Mid-lane river ramps separation lessened.
  • Updated neutral camp spawner locations and nearby tree formations to bring them more in line with Source1.
  • Fixed a bug with selecting lanes on the map during hero selection.
  • Courier and ward loadout screens are now mostly functional.
  • Due to a known issue, particle systems on couriers may sometimes appear incorrectly in this release.
  • Hero selection performance has been improved for players who own many items.
  • Fixed jittery portrait animation.
  • Fixed some hero sounds getting stuck on when clients requested a full network update (e.g. due to packet loss)


  • Fixed bug where middle-clicking could sometimes cause mouse wheel events to be incorrectly triggered, resulting in middle-click-to-drag causing the screen to zoom in.
  • Fix networking bug causing extremely high packet loss in matches that are using the new relay protocol. This caused many clients to be stuck at the loading screen.


  • Added the Entities.GetCurrentXP( nEntityIndex ) and Entities.GetNeededXPToLevel( nEntityIndex ) APIs.
  • Added Panorama bindings for client-side particle systems in the object Particles, with the same API as CScriptParticleManager in Lua.


  • Fixed a crash during movie layoff.
  • Fixed movie layoff to write alpha if requested.


  • Architecture_example tileset updated.
  • Reduced map compile time.
  • Fixed excessive memory usage when adding many layers to a map using the tile editor.