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Список изменений

Обновление 2

  • The event log is now on the left hand side like before.
  • Item icons are now considerably larger in size.
  • The backpack is now vertical and on the right hand side of the HUD.
  • Text size of Health / Mana have been increased for better readability.
  • The background of the spells on the HUD is now slightly transparent.
  • мини-карта scaling slider has been removed and instead now replaced with a new option "Use Extra Large Minimap" that provides well.
  • Some of the text on the HUD and pre-game screen has been converted to variable strings rather than hard coded English so they can be easily localized to other languages.

Обновление 3

  • Fixed the crash bug of Update 2.
  • The Hotkey for a skill point will show up as Ctrl + <hotkey> when there is a skill point available.
  • Damage / Armor / Movement speed are now in the area where the Backpack used to before.
  • Support has been added for screens with 4x3 and 5x4 resolutions when using heroes with five or six abilities.