Обновление от 16 декабря 2016

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Примечание: Не указана ссылка на источник.

Список изменений

  • Buyback available marker in the top bar has now been changed. it's now a gold highlight around the HP / Mana bars.
  • The ability icons are slightly brighter now when they are inactive.
  • There was a 1px letter spacing between the chat text before. That has now been removed.
  • Backpack slot height is slightly larger now. Some tweaks were also made so that the backpack is displayed correctly in VR mode.
  • The Unit Query Popup now also displays the backpack slots items being carried by that unit.
  • The font-size is now set to a constant 18px so it does not change under any circumstance.
  • Some more overall tweaks to how situations with five or six hero abilities are displayed correctly.
  • Kill Cam position has been slightly pushed up so it places better in respect to other elements around it.
  • Some adjustments were made around the stash and quick buy region to address some bugs related to it.
  • The Strength / Agility / Intelligence counters that show up when ALT Is pressed have been removed. Instead a high detailed panel of stats has been added when you hover over the stats at the bottom of the screen which has all this information.
  • Inventory items not showing up for Dire Teams in the scoreboard has been fixed.
  • The Kill / Death / Assist counter is now behind the Stats Dropdown menu when you are in spectator mode.
  • Repick and Re-Random buttons on the Pre-Game screen now have description tooltips when you hover over them.
  • A bunch of strings and other supporting material have been added for the Battle Cup Champions Cup tomorrow.
  • Minor tweaks to the animations of the Clockwerk minimap icon.png Clockwerk's Power Cogs.
  • Some response rules have been added for when shrines are under attack.

Обновление 2

  • Enabled Champions Cup Tab on the Play Tab.
  • Some backend changes to log and track regular Battle Cup data while the Champions Cup related stuff is pushed forward.
  • Added custom assets for Champions Cup winner rewards on the Profile Tab and other places.
  • Fixed some spacing issues with the Armor value in the Basic Stats tab.
  • Fixed not being able to load карта variants in Custom Terrains.
  • Fixed some issues with trees getting culled near the edge of camera view.