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Источник: Quick Update

Список изменений

  • Fixed crash when attacking a dropped item.
  • Fixed crash that could be caused on server wakeup, also in games with bots if any players disconnected.
  • Fixed Necrolyte's Death Pulse projectiles moving at 900 instead of 400.
  • Fixed Lion's impale starting too far away from him.
  • Fixed Juggernaut being able to do melee damage to unitswhile Blade Furying (except for units that are not susceptible to Blade Fury like towers).
  • Fixed case where a bot would take a human player's spot if that player was disconnected when the game started.
  • Added Quick Stats which appear when you hold ALT.
  • Fixed Lifesteal working against illusions (and being amplified by it).
  • Fixed Critical Strike on denies.
  • ixed Dragon Form from being purgable.
  • Fixed bot bug that would cause them to freeze in place when trying to defend towers and barracks in their base.
  • Tuned the minimap FoW values to be slightly less dark.
  • Numerous other crash and memory leak fixes.