Обновление от 17 октября 2017

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Список изменений

  • The International 2017 Event Expiration date has been changed from October 10, 2017 to October 30, 2017.
  • A unit selection tooltip where the word 'priority' had a typo was fixed.
  • Fixed an extra comma in Beastmaster minimap icon.png Beastmaster's Primal Roar description.
  • Fixed an 's' in some tooltips related to Huskar minimap icon.png Huskar, Broodmother minimap icon.png Broodmother
  • Fixed Phantasm's Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter tooltip where it reads Phantoms instead of Phantasm.
  • Added a space between MOVE and SPEED in Monkey King minimap icon.png Monkey King's Mischief trait.
  • Fixed some capitalization issues with tooltips related to Riki minimap icon.png Riki, Pugna minimap icon.png Pugna and other heroes.
  • Fixed the Starstorm no charges error reading Starfall instead of Starstorm.
  • Fixed Dagon 5 icon.png Dagon 5 text reading "Upgradeable"
  • Fixed a missing 'r' on Enchanted Mango icon.png Enchanted Mango's note.
  • Fixed a bunch of other missing punctuation marks across various tooltips.
  • Some localization updates for Siltbreaker Act II and the game in general.