Обновление от 17 сентября 2019

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Источник: Matchmaking Update

Список изменений

  • Bans have been issued to account buyers, boosters, and accounts with extremely low behavior scores.
  • Fixed a loophole that allowed players to queue for ranked matchmaking without a unique phone number.
  • Increased the number of commends available to to players.
  • Updated the matchmaking and MMR systems.
    • Added better detection and function for reporting players who don't play the role they queued for.
    • Core and support roles' MMR now influence each other by a set percentage.
    • Ranked matchmaking now require 100 hours of playtime instead of a fixed number of games played.
    • Increased MMR adjustments after matches with high uncertainty.
    • Added a popup notice for when selected roles are incompatible with team makeup.
    • Increased the cap on calibrated MMR for new accounts placed in ranked matchmaking.
      • This allows smurfs and boosters to be placed more quickly in higher MMR rankings.
  • Updated localisation files: Dutch, German, Greek, Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portoguese, Russian, S.Chinese, Turkish, English, Finnish, Japanese, Latin, Romanian, Swedish, T.Chinese.