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Список изменений

  • Coaches and in lobby spectators can now view match details and replays of practice lobby games they participated in.
  • Fixed an issue where Mac OS X users could not connect to servers reliably.
  • Fixed an issue where the first spectator watching a game could time out too early.
  • Themed map preference option now available for 1v1, coop bot, and ranked matches.
  • Themed map preference is now a soft matching parameter, not a hard compatibility requirement. In ranked, the standard map will be used unless all players have opted into the themed map. In all other modes, the map with the most votes wins, with ties going to the oldest account.

Обновление 2

  • Fixed a bug with a recent network optimization that could cause servers to crash. Abandons are never assessed when players are disconnected due to a server crash.
  • Fix to the Lone Druid minimap icon.png Lone Druid's Spirit Bear healing HP from Vitality Booster icon.png Vitality Booster drop and pick up.
  • Fix to an issue with Tusk minimap icon.png Tusk Walrus PUNCH! not targeting mechanical units.



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