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Список изменений

  • Fixed a server problem which occasionally delayed recording match results and quest completion.
  • Fixed animations on Shadow Shaman minimap icon.png Shadow Shaman's and Venomancer minimap icon.png Venomancer's wards.
  • Fixed a rare case where Winter Wyvern minimap icon.png Winter Wyvern would not get kill credit with Winter's Curse.
  • The Clearcut Challenger Helper is rate limited to reasonable human values on the server and always has been. Excessive scripting does not contribute to the overall total.
  • A missing option of $28M - $29M in the final prize pool prediction drop list has been fixed.
  • Fixed the Rewards tab Immortal Treasure III linking to that of TI 2015 treasure.
  • Set the width of the Clearcut Challenge mini-game to be 100% to fit all screen sizes instead of 1920px.