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Источник: Dota 2 Update Released

Список изменений


  • Added Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png Bounty Hunter!
  • Beastmaster minimap icon.png Beastmaster
    • Fixed Wild Axes being left behind when blinking to a location with a different z-value while they're in-flight.*
  • Ursa minimap icon.png Ursa
    • Fixed fury swipes to apply the effect before the hit.


  • "Watch Game" user menu option now also shows up for friends watching a game. Clicking it will take you to the same game they're watching.
  • "Watch Game" user menu option shows up for friends in practice lobbies with "allow spectators" turned on.
  • Added timestamps to main menu chat.
  • Added an announcement for when spectator sizes change in game.
  • Spectator names can be clicked in chat to commend, report or ignore them.


  • Fixed server crash that could happen occasionally as the ancient is destroyed.


  • Improved how bots predict missing enemy locations.
  • Added level of desire to all the things that bots currently avoid (mostly lessening the avoidance desire of things that they don't care much about).
  • Made bots less spammy about movement when moving to a location within a lane.
  • Increased range at which bots will consider coming to an ally's defense.
  • Increased bot desire to retreat when they're dangerously low on health.