Обновление от 23 декабря 2014

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Список изменений

  • Reworked how the Gift Wrap system works:
    • Gift Wrap is now a free feature inside the game available to everyone.
    • It can now be used with items that are temporarily untradeable (such as recent purchases), unless they have been previously Gift Wrapped.
    • Hud Skins, Loading Screens, Wards, Announcers and Cursor Packs are now able to be Gift Wrapped.
    • Players who have purchased Gift Wrap will receive some number of Treasure Redemption Tokens.
    • Players who earned Gift Wrap by opening Treasure of the Nested Cache will receive some number of Treasures of the Nested Cache.
  • Fixed various bugs in the Winter map.
  • Fixed a recent change causing Chronosphere to affect invulnerable heroes when using abilities like Ball Lightning or Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon.png Eul's Scepter of Divinity's Cyclone.