Обновление от 23 февраля 2016

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Примечание: Не указана ссылка на источник.

Список изменений

Компендиум Shanghai Major

  • A ranking system has been added to the Predictions tab. Once the predictions get closed and results are under way, you should be able to compare your selections and guesses with others in a new popup.

MVP Vote

  • Voting seems to be enabled for all. Not just Compendium Owners.
  • The vote button has been relabeled from 'Vote' to 'Cast Vote'
  • The MVP of the match has been relabeled from just 'MVP' to 'Match MVP'
  • The second highest vote finish on the MVP Vote is now labeled as "Runners Up"


  • The Shanghai Major video stream panel has been added to the front page.
  • The gameplay version has been updated to read 6.86f on the About page.

Обновление 2

  • Fix to the crash issue on Mac and Linux versions of the client.

Обновление 3

  • A bug with the MVP vote tab where it wouldn't close and would render the dashboard unusable has been fixed.