Обновление от 26 февраля 2016

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Примечание: Не указана ссылка на источник.

Список изменений

  • A spoiler block has been added to the Frontpage stream panel that you can use to toggle the video stream on and off.

Shanghai Major 2016

  • Updates to how the current results are shown. Where there are multiple results, you can now open a popup with all the results.
  • The Schedule listing formatting inside the Shanghai Major featured tab got messed up in yesterday's update. That has been fixed.
  • A small header title called "Media Coverage" has been added to the section where the media articles are on The Shanghai Major featured tab.
  • A small note "Grand Finals March 6th" has been added to the Winner of The Shanghai Major prediction box.

Обновление 2

  • Fix to the Predictions Results panel not closing down.