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Список изменений

  • Greatly improved panorama CPU performance. This is most noticable as a framerate increase in the main Dashboard.
  • Fixed cases where players being kicked out of lobbies when a player closes the client.
  • Some more console commands to help with stage projection at TI6 have been added.

The International 2016 - Боевой пропуск

  • Добавлены прогнозы на TI6.
  • Добавлена Фэнтези лига.
  • Добавлены карточки игроков.

Dota 2 VR

  • VR Spectating has been added to Dota 2. You can enable Dota 2 VR by downloading the new DLC available. More info on the FAQ page.
  • Some more console commands to work with Dota 2 VR have been added.


  • Все новые анимации из новых Immortal предметов были добавлены в редактор статуй.
  • Добавлена иконка Nightmare End для Slumbering Terror.

Обновления интерфейса

  • A new Notifications tab has been added to the dashboard at the top right hand side. You can stay up to date with all the new features of the game there.
  • A new error notification has been added to the game that tells you that you need to be either dead or near the fountain to swap cosmetics in-game.
  • A ton of backend supporting strings for all the new features added with this patch.
  • Some backend updates have been done for the TI On Stage Pod stuff.

Обновление 2

  • Added the entry for 2016 Player Card Pack.
  • Added Kevin "Purge" Godec as Caster.

Обновление 3

  • Unbound the "answer_id" of previous preditions.
  • Added "in_game_item_def" for some Teams

Обновление 4

  • Removed Alexey "Lex" Filippov from Caster.
  • Added Yao "Yao" Zhengzheng as Caster
  • Blanked the real name of "Cold", instead of Li Shunqi.