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Версия от 13:20, 23 декабря 2019; MedokBOT (обсуждение | вклад) (Бот: косметические изменения)
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Список изменений

  • Added Conduct Summary popup, which tells you how many reports, abandons, and commends you have received in the past 25 games. More information.
  • Restored the notification when action was taken against a player whom you recently reported.
  • Added support for Live Rewind while spectating.
  • Improved CPU usage on low end machines
  • Improved rendering performance (heroes, shadows, particles, water)
  • Improved lighting integration of weather effects for visual clarity and quality
  • Improved rendering of low and high quality water
  • Default global items such as couriers are now visible within the armory so you can control their shuffle state from there.
  • Improved the ability to control shuffle state from the context menu of items in the armory
  • Bundles are now inspectable. The owned item details page will show you all items in the bundle and allow you to unbundle it.
  • Announcer, Mega-kill, Music, and Voice items now preview their sounds in the loadout, owned item details, and store item details screens.


  • Comes with the following potential rewards:








Загрузочные экраны


  • Содержит:

  • Содержит: