Обновление от 28 июня 2011

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Источник: Witty Update Title

Список изменений

  • New shop is on by default now
  • Fixed a good number of client crashes
  • Fixed server crash related to using Veil of Discord
  • Fixed server crash related to Ogre Magi's Frost Armor
  • Changed how AA's ultimate secondary projectile works visually. It now calculates it's intended target for the explosion time rather than waiting on a message from the server. This allows it to be accurate regardless of latency.
  • Fixed Boots of Travel working on Couriers
  • Ice Blast wont shatter units that are attack immune.
  • Fixed Ice Blast release cast point to be 0.0f.
  • Fixed Ice Vortex's magic damage amp not working.
  • Fixed Ice Vortex affecting ancients.
  • Fixed losing the debuff when moving between two patches of ice vortex. Also made the debuff not purgable.
  • Fixed Chilling Touch affecting friendly illusions, also fixed it so attacking illusions wont consume a charge nor do the extra damage.
  • Fixed Magical Armor not stacking properly
  • Fixed Ice Blast affecting illusions.
  • Hooked up new Focus Fire animations.
  • Fixed Radiance toggling off on death.


  • Fixed word wrap on player names on live matches screen.
  • Popup user menu is clamped to screen edges.
  • Fixed level and number of wins in profile page.
  • Miniprofile updates when a game ends/player earns XP.
  • Match status in status bar shows num players searching.