Обновление от 30 апреля 2011

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Источник: Hey, es una actualización!

Список изменений

  • New Hero: Sniper
  • New Hero: Dark Seer
  • Added Slardar Voice
  • Fixed Drow’s agility gain per level. Was 1.0, now correctly 1.9
  • Fixed being able to query an enemy hero and see the level of the


  • Fixed being able to query an enemy hero and see the level of the


  • Fixed not being able to see cooldown of abilities on friendly


  • Partial Dota 6.72 parity. Please wait on reporting missing ones

until the next update.

  • New Dashboard has been enabled.
  • Hooked up Dire version of the Couriers.
  • Fixed Mask of Madness adding 20 constant movement speed on use

instead of increasing movespeed by 20%

  • Many improvements to Bot AI.
  • Improved DotaTV directed framing mode.
  • Added DotaTV directed shoulder view.
  • Fixed Rattletrap’s Cogs to be killable by his own team (he can do

it in one hit).

  • Adjusted how Rattletrap’s Cogs arrange nearby units when deployed

– they should be better about trapping unitsnow.

  • Fixed a bug where if a hero attempted to pick up the Aegis with a

full inventory, the Aegis would bind to them.