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Обновление от 4 февраля 2015

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Список изменений

  • Updated -enable_addons to include sound scripts, music scripts, and Flash videos
  • Added a new option to the Settings panel to reduce screen flashing. This option disables the flash on Thundergod's Wrath and lessens the flashing with Razor minimap icon.png Razor’s ability effects.
  • Fixed multiple stacks of Linken's Sphere icon.png Linken's Sphere having different behaviors when two buffs are directly applied compared to one buff and one item
  • Fixed Blinking while in the initial Tether pull causing the Tether range to be larger than intended
  • Fixed Supernova's refresh functionality not interacting properly with charged cooldown abilities
  • Fixed Geminate Attack being able to hit units that are very far from Weaver minimap icon.png Weaver
  • Riki minimap icon.png Riki's Permanent Invisibility fade time now shows on the ability cooldown
  • Fixed Lycan minimap icon.png Lycan shapeshifting while disconnected giving all creeps the move speed bonus
  • Added a new ConVar to disable right clicks on мини-карта (dota_minimap_disable_rightclick)