Обновление от 6 сентября 2016

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Список изменений

- Queued orders for a hero are now cleared if they're behind a channelled ability that is interrupted. - Improved FoW testing for attack and spell projectiles.

  • Bracers of the Longbeard Dwarf Engineer переименован в Armguards of the Longbeard Dwarf Engineer.
  • Portrait and other updates to some of the items added in the Warhammmer chest. Their relative inventory icons have also been updated to reflect these minor changes.
  • Missing store banners for the Warhammer chest have been added to the Store tab.
  • A couple of supporting strings have been added to the Battle Cup system where you are notified if either you or one of your party members have already played in the Battle Cup fort that particular weekend.
  • Rich Presence strings have been added for Co-op bot and Practice games.
  • A couple of other minor text fixes.