Обновление тест-клиента от 17 декабря 2014

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Источник: Обновление 4

Список изменений

Обновление 4

  • Fixed Lifestealer minimap icon.png Lifestealer's Control giving magic stick charges
  • Fixed Eclipse not turning day to night properly
  • Fixed an old minor bug with how you lose life at the end of Ghostship
  • Fixed various tooltips
  • Fixed X Marks the Spot not returning allies if they become spell immune
  • Lifestealer minimap icon.png Lifestealer now kills the Infested unit under two conditions:
    1. it is an enemy
    2. it is an allied unit that you took control over
  • Fixed abilities of already-controlled units being disabled when Infested.
  • Fixed ability slot count being wrong when Infesting heroes.
  • Control/ Consume abilities are now only added to units that are not already controlled by an ally