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    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
 Мир R2D1 0
 Мир R1D1 0
 Мир R2W1 0
 Мир R1D2 0
 Мир R3W1 0
 Мир R3W2 0
 Мир R1D3 0
 Мир R2W2 0
 Мир R1D4 0
 Мир R2W3 0
 Мир R1D5 0
 Мир R1D6 0


More options
  • Adding flags is optional, and can be done using a two character country code. See flag template.
  • To bold winners and winners' scores use:
|R1D1='''Playername''' |R1D1score='''2'''
  • To customize the names of the Rounds (default: Semifinals, Finals) use:
  • To remove Round titles completely use:
  • To customize the Player/Team and Score cell width with use:


Most tournaments will use the bracket without flags and will use the TeamShort template to create team logos in the bracket. For other tournaments and for qualifiers, use the bracket with flags.