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Шаблон:Creep infobox/doc

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The Crep Infobox is used all neutral creeps's statistics. Do not use for summons.


To implement this infobox, add {{Creep infobox}} to your article. You should probably set some parameters. Use this code:

{{Creep infobox
 | title = 
 | image = 
 | level = 
 | move speed = 
 | health = 
 | health regen = 
 | mana = 
 | mana regen = 
 | armor = 
 | armor type = 
 | magic resistance = 
 | attack damage = 
 | attack type = 
 | attack speed = 
 | attack range = 
 | missile speed = 
 | attack point = 
 | attack backswing = 
 | sight range day = 
 | sight range night = 
 | bounty = 
 | experience = 


Attribute Description
title The infoboxes title. Should be the name of the creep. Defaults to Unknown.
image The infoboxes image. Defaults to Unknown.png.
level The level of the creep.
move speed The unit's base movement speed.
health The unit's maximum health.
health regen The unit's hp regen per second.
mana The unit's maximum mana.
mana regen The unit's mana regen per second.
armor The unit's armor value.
armor type The unit's armor damage type. Options are hero, soft, strong and structure. Defaults to Unknown.
magic resistance The unit's magic resistance value.
attack damage The unit's base damage. You may enter a range.
attack type The unit's attack damage type. Options are hero, basic, pierce and siege. Defaults to Unknown.
attack speed The unit's base attack time.
attack range The range in which the unit can attack.
missile speed The speed at which the unit missile travels. Automatically displays "melee" when attack range is 90/100/110/120/128.
attack point The length of the animation just before an attack.
attack backswing The length of the animation just after an attack.
sight range day The range in which the unit can see during the day.
sight range night The range in which the unit can see during the night.
bounty The gold given when the unit is killed.
experience The experience given when the unit is killed.