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Документация для Шаблон:Demonstration [ смотреть | править | очистить ]

To display Dota Cinema's demonstration videos on pages.


Simply place the template on an article.

If a link to a patch which outdates the demonstration is found in {{Dictionary/demonstrations}}, it will display a notice that the demonstration is outdated.

  • {{Demonstration}} on the Alchemist article generates:


To manually choose a weapon video, insert the YouTube video ID as an unnamed parameter:

  • {{Demonstration|vsXekvLGIEk}}

To customize the level of the header, add the headerlevel parameter:

  • {{Demonstration|headerlevel=h3}}

To remove the header, add the noheader parameter:

  • {{Demonstration|noheader=true}}

To make the video show up as a thumbnail, use tn=yes:

  • {{Demonstration|tn=yes}}

Parameters width and ratio work like the {{Youtube}} template.

As demonstrations can become outdated with patches, this template can be adapted to flag demonstrations as "outdated". By editing this page, and adding code as such: alchemist-outdate: {{patch name|6|04|2012|date=true}}.
This will appear on the page as: Note: This demonstration has been out of date since Обновление от 6 .