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Creates an banner for event pages. Images are specified with the file page.

Usage: {{Event banner|file|width|height}}

Default height is auto.

Example: {{Event banner|The_International_2013_main_page_banner.jpg|height=200px}} produces:

The International 2013 main page banner.jpg


  • Always fit to 100% and make crop the the height.
  • Settle width fight width page ads.
  • Align to center (depends on page width and div width)
  • Evtl revert to a background image, but allow external images as background parameter (this is a page setting, can only be changed by curse admins):

<div class="nomobile" style="background: url('{{filepath:{{{1|Wiki-banner.png}}}|nowiki}}') center no-repeat #000; height:{{{height|400px}}};"></div>