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  • Axe!
  • There is no team in Axe!
  • Axe here!
  • Enemies need killing!
  • Taste my blade!
  • Here comes the axe!
  • Axe swings his blade.
  • Let the carnage begin.
  • Axe is ready!
  • The Axe-man comes!
  • Axe charges!
  • Axe is a cut above!

Стадия планирования


  • Axe!


  • Grrrr!

Вход в битву

  • Axe!
  • There is no team in Axe!
  • Axe here!
  • A cut above the rest.
  • Axe in hand.
  • н Axe lives!
  • Axe is ready!
  • The Axe-man comes!


  • Axe is calling it: It's in the bag!
  • This was in the bag the day Axe was born!

Начало битвы

  • Let the carnage begin.
  • There can be no battle till Axe is at hand. And Axe is.


Перезарядка 6 секунд

  • Cut and run!
  • Rest is for the dead!
  • Forward!
  • To battle!
  • Axe goes!
  • Axe charges!
  • Into war's teeth!
  • To the enemy!
  • Axe runs!
  • Enemies need killing!
  • Good day to fight!


Перезарядка 6 секунд

  • Attack!
  • Taste my blade!
  • A slice of the action!
  • Here comes the axe!
  • Axe brings the axe!
  • Axe trades in death!
  • Whet my blade!
  • н Here you break.
  • Axe hacks!
  • Axe attacks!

Использование заклинания

Только когда дистанция превышает 2 дальности применения, перезарядка 4 секунды

  • Cut to the chase!
  • Not by blade alone!


Berserker's Call
При применении на 1 и более героя

  • Get some!
  • Come and get it!
  • Come to Axe!
  • To me!
  • н Yar! [?]
  • Har!
  • Rah!
  • Rah!
  • Ha!

При применении не на героя

  • Grrrr!
  • Rraaaa!
  • Aaahh!

Battle Hunger
При применении

  • Show your worth!
  • Prove yourself!
  • Fight if you can!

Culling Blade
Убийство противника
Шанс 30%

  • Culled!
  • н Wheat before a scythe!
  • You get nothing. Good day, sir!
  • I said good day, sir!

Убийство противника спустя 2 и менее секунды после использования Blink Dagger
Шанс 30%

  • You been blinked!

Получение уровня

  • Axe grows stronger!
  • Axe gains strength!
  • Axe rises in rank!
  • Axe is a cut above!
  • Axe sharpens!
  • Axe is promoted!
  • Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Huh huh ha ha ha!
  • Ha ha!
  • Ha ha ha!

Убийство врага

  • Not so fast!
  • No escaping Axe!
  • Yes, Axe kills you!
  • Cut you like cordwood!
  • Your life on my steel!
  • Axe chops you down to size!
  • This ends you!
  • You fought badly—died worse.
  • All must die—you first!
  • Axe warms his blade in your guts!
  • Feel the axe of Axe!
  • Axe hews your bones!
  • Axe fells you!
  • Twenty hacks from the axe of Axe!
  • Hew and cry some more!
  • Sheathe my axe in your bowels!
  • Ha ha ha ha!
  • Ho ho ha ha!
  • Ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Ha ha yeah!
  • Ha ha ha ha yes!
  • Ha ha ha ha yeah!
  • Axe kills you!
  • Ha ha ha!
  • Ha ha!
  • Heh heh yeah ha!
  • Ha ha!
  • What happened? Axe happened!
  • Axe-actly!

Убийство определенного героя
Шанс 25%

  • Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Cold cut!
  • Morphling minimap icon.png Cut and dried!
  • Zeus minimap icon.png Catch some Z's!
  • Zeus minimap icon.png You might have been a fancyman in Heaven, but down here you are nothing next to Axe.
  • Beastmaster minimap icon.png You call that an axe?
  • Warlock minimap icon.png Axe has no time for all this jibber jabber.
  • Warlock minimap icon.png Blade versus book. Blade wins.
  • Warlock minimap icon.png Warlock, you should have picked a sharper weapon.
  • Warlock minimap icon.png Warlock, who is the smart one now?
  • Warlock minimap icon.png Axe hates to kill Oglodi, but it must be done.
  • Warlock minimap icon.png Even kin must die.
  • Disruptor minimap icon.png We are blood, true. But most of yours came out.
  • Disruptor minimap icon.png You were handsome like Axe. Axe doesn't like that.
  • Invoker minimap icon.png Too much talking, not enough fighting.
  • Invoker minimap icon.png Big words cannot keep you safe from Axe.
  • Treant Protector minimap icon.png The Treant brought much wood for Axe to chop.
  • Treant Protector minimap icon.png More things for Axe to chop!
  • Broodmother minimap icon.png Who said Axe fears spiders? Axe wants to know their name.
  • Doom minimap icon.png н Doom Bringer brings doom. Axe brings axe!
  • Pudge minimap icon.png Taste the Axe. Not this Axe, that axe!
  • Outworld Devourer minimap icon.png н Your name is not Axe-world Destroyer!
  • Razor minimap icon.png What is a tiny razor to a mighty Axe?
  • Ursa minimap icon.png Each of Ursa's claws is like a little axe. Axe reluctantly approves.
  • Spectre minimap icon.png Axe has no time for such nonsense!
  • Night Stalker minimap icon.png I said good night stalker!
  • Lion minimap icon.png Axe knows you not, fiend.
  • Alchemist minimap icon.png Your free ride is over.
  • Alchemist minimap icon.png Ride no more, smallkeen!
  • Alchemist minimap icon.png Smallkeens should be scoured from the land!
  • Sniper minimap icon.png A Keen worthy to fight.
  • Sniper minimap icon.png For the Keenfolk, you weren't half bad.
  • н Axe hates the Keenfolk!
  • н Axe cut you in four!
  • н Axe cut you into more than four.
  • н Axe cut you into more than four. Nine?
  • н Axe cut you into more than four. Twenty?
  • н Axe cut you into more than four. Hundreds?

Первая кровь

  • Ha ha, the blade of Axe has tasted first blood!
  • Axe will whittle them down one by one.

Встреча союзника

Во время ранней игры, в радиусе 1000

  • Disruptor minimap icon.png п Axe has a cousin?
  • Disruptor minimap icon.png п You look like Axe, only slightly less.
  • Disruptor minimap icon.png п Oglodi fight side by side.
  • Disruptor minimap icon.png п That is a fearsome creature you ride, Disruptor.
  • Warlock minimap icon.png п Side by side, the Oglodi fight.
  • Warlock minimap icon.png п The Oglodi shall take this fight.
  • Warlock minimap icon.png п Warlock brings a book. Axe brings an axe.
  • Faceless Void minimap icon.png п Nice choppers! Axe approves!
  • Faceless Void minimap icon.png п Axe is curious. Where did your face go?
  • Undying minimap icon.png п Undying, don't order Axe around and we'll get along just fine.
  • Treant Protector minimap icon.png п Don't worry, Treant, Axe does not come to chop you.
  • Witch Doctor minimap icon.png п Witch doctor, our enemies are in need of Axe-amination!
  • Tinker minimap icon.png п Tinker, eh? War is an Axe-act science!


Перезарядка 60 секунд

  • Yes!
  • Axe takes all!
  • Soldier of fortune!
  • Gold for steel!
  • Coin of the realm!
  • Axe takes your coin!

Добивание союзного юнита

Требует нахождение видимого врага в радиусе 1000, перезарядка 60 секунд

  • Denied.
  • Denied!
  • Denied!
  • You get nothing.
  • You get nothing!
  • Axe defies you!
  • None for you!
  • You deserve nothing!
  • Nuh-uh!
  • Uh uh!
  • No!
  • Not this time.
  • Mwa ha ha ha ha!
  • Ha ha!

Получение предмета

  • п By his blade, Axe earns this purchase.
  • п Earned through blood.
  • п The wait has ended.

Получение специального предмета

  • Aghanim's Scepter (4200) п Ah, scepter!
  • Aghanim's Scepter (4200) п Ah, scepter!
  • Aghanim's Scepter (4200) п Ah, scepter!
  • Aghanim's Scepter (4200) п Ah, scepter!
  • Blink Dagger (2250) п Blink dagger!
  • Blink Dagger (2250) п Don't worry, precious axe. Blink Dagger does not come to chop.
  • Heart of Tarrasque (5200) Oooh!
  • Heart of Tarrasque (5200) п Heart of Tarrasque!
  • Vanguard (2150) п Vanguard!
  • Blade Mail (2200) п Blade Mail!
  • Black King Bar (4050) п Black King Bar!
  • Urn of Shadows (875) п Urn of Shadows!
  • Assault Cuirass (5250) п Assault Cuirass!
  • Hood of Defiance (1700) п Hood of Defiance!
  • Radiance (5150) п Radiance!
  • Shiva's Guard (4750) п Shiva's Guard!
  • Aegis of the Immortal Immortality!

Шанс 25%

  • Aegis of the Immortal The Axe's edge will never dull!



  • Axe lives to cut again!
  • Axe is back!
  • Back in AXEtion!
  • The Axe's edge is keen again!
  • Axe cuts anew!
  • Axe is all the reinforcement this army needs!
  • From the Red Mist, Axe returns!
  • A blunted Axe is resharpened!
  • Better red than dead!
  • Axe returns. The war may now continue!


  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Time for a re-en-axe-ment!
  • Axe is back and ready to whack! And also hack!

Наполнение бутылки

  • Saved for later.
  • For another time.
  • When the time is right.
  • Axe does not need this, but no one else shall have it.

Активация рун

Руна волшебства Руна волшебства

  • 300 Oh, Axe like!

Руна богатства Руна богатства

  • 300 Oooh!

Руна двойного урона Руна двойного урона

  • Double damage!

Шанс 25%

  • Cuts two ways!

Руна ускорения Руна ускорения

  • Haste!

Шанс 25%

  • Haste lays waste.

Руна иллюзий Руна иллюзий

  • Illusion!

Шанс 25%

  • The axe blades dazzle.
  • Axe has gone three blades!

Руна невидимости Руна невидимости

  • Invisibility!

Шанс 25%

  • Axe fades from sight!

Руна регенерации Руна регенерации

  • Regeneration!
  • н Axe's edge grows keen again!

Способность на перезарядке

Одна попытка в течение 10 секунд

  • Not yet.
  • Axe is not ready.
  • It is not yet time.

Две попытки в течение 10 секунд

  • Not yet.
  • Axe is not ready.
  • It is not yet time.

Три и более попыток в течение 10 секунд

  • Not yet!
  • Axe is not ready!
  • It is not yet time.

Нехватка маны

Одна попытка в течение 10 секунд

  • Need mana.
  • No mana.
  • Not enough mana.

Две попытки в течение 10 секунд

  • Need mana.
  • No mana.
  • Not enough mana.

Три и более попыток в течение 10 секунд

  • Need mana.
  • No mana.
  • Not enough mana.

Получение урона

Перезарядка 3 секунды

  • Uh!
  • Uh!
  • Ah!
  • Ah!
  • Uh!
  • Uh!
  • Chhh!

Шанс 25%

  • 120 Axe is under attack!

Редкие фразы

5 быстрых нажатий по герою

  • So many skulls to cleave. So many bodies to throw on the pile.
  • No business but war. No family but death. No mercy but the grave!
  • Axe brings the Red Mist!

Реплики в чате

Враг ушёл с линии

  • Axe reports top is missing.
  • Axe says middle is missing.
  • Bottom is missing according to Axe.

thx, thanks, ty, или если союзник применяет некоторые заклинания на игрока, перезарядка 30 секунд

  • Mmmm!
  • Ahhh!
  • Axe says thank you.
  • Axe is grateful.

/laugh, haha, lol, перезарядка 15 секунд

  • Ha ha ha!
  • Ha ha!
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Heh heh yeah ha!
  • Ha ha!

Окончание матча


  • Yes!
  • Victorious!
  • This day belongs to Axe!


  • No!
  • Defeated!
  • Inglourious end!
  • Axe is sad.
  • Grrr, Axe is defeated!

Выпадение косметического предмета


  • Oooh!
  • Oh, Axe like!


  • Mmm!
  • Axe likes this very much.

Rare и выше

  • Yeah!
  • Axe likes this so much words fail Axe.


Превращён в животное

  • 30 Axe is not Axe!

Превращён в овцу

  • 30 Baaa!
  • 30 Axe is a sheep?

Превращён в свинью

  • 30 Axe is a pig?
  • 30 Axe is a pig?


  • н Axe misjudged?
  • н Axe misjudged?
  • н You're tougher than Axe thought!



  • н Ooh!