Набор «Bonds of Madness»

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Набор «Bonds of Madness»
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Редкость: Uncommon

To lose one's own body, have your will shattered and have your life force imprisoned within that of a cursed abomination is a steep price to pay, yet that is the fate that befell a certain wizard who underestimated the madness of N'aix. Two minds as one and resigned to his fate, the vengeful wizard beckoned his vessel to cover his body with armor and unleash unspeakable horror on anyone who crossed his path. Within his twisted mind, a thought echoes over and over again: “I will share my pain with you.”
Набор «Bonds of Madness»
Leg Talons of Madness
Helm of Madness
Gauntlets of Madness
Bonds of Madness
Загрузочный экран: Bonds of Madness
  • Данный набор выдавался владельцам компендиума ESL One Frankfurt 2014 за цель $250,000.[1] После отзывов сообщества, данная цель была снижена до $200,000.[2]

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