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Spawn Spiderite (до 5.65)
Можно избежать. Блокируется Linken's Sphere. Блокируется иммунитетом к заклинаниям.
Spawn Spiderite (Spiderling) icon.png
Действует на
Can inject an egg in an enemy unit to create a Spiderite. Lasts 3 seconds. If the unit dies during these 3 seconds, a Spiderite is born.
Анимация применения: 0.5+0.51
Cast Range: 700
Number of Spiderites: 1
Debuff Duration: 3
Cooldown symbol.png 14
Дебафф Spawn Spiderite: Можно развеять любым развеиванием.


  • This ability got reworked into the current Spawn Spiderite in the 5.65 gameplay patch.
  • This ability is on autocast by default. The Spiderling automatically casts this on nearby enemy units which do not have the debuff already.
  • Launches a projectile towards the target, which travels at a speed of 1200.
  • Upon Broodmother's release in 5.62, instead of spawning Spiderites, this ability spawned another Spiderling, which also had this ability.
  • Also upon release, this ability, together with Spawn Spiderlings were castable on allied and even own units.