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Team logo Execration.png
Филиппины Филиппины
Создана:1 июня 2014
Информация о команде
Капитан:Kimuel "Kim0" Rodis
Тренер(ы):Bong "BG01" Silva
Mark "BYB" Gavin
Менеджер(ы):Arvin "Beho" Risos
Execration eSports Hub
Призовые:$5850 USD

Execration это профессиональная команда в Dota 2, играющая за Филиппины.


  • 2016-02-07: Shanks leaves the team.
  • 2016-02-10: Abed joins the team.
  • 2016-03-27: BYB is replaced by Tims.
  • 2016-08-18: RR and Nando are removed from the team during post TI6 shuffle.[1]
  • 2016-08-26: DJ and Gabbi join the team. [2]
  • 2016-08-29: Tims leaves the team.[3]
  • 2016-09-13: rapppy joins the team.[3]

  • 2015-01-01: Ewe goes inactive while Doc quits the team. Jed and Yaj officially join the team.
  • 2015-02-17: Jed is removed from the team and is replaced by Julz.
  • 2015-04--07: Yaj and Julz are removed from the team. Former Captain of Arcanys, Boombacs, and Bok will replace them.
  • 2015-05-13: Ewe is active again and Bok moves to 6th man.
  • 2015-05-24: Bok and Boombacs will be inactive from Competitive Scene.
  • 2015-06-19: Execration announces the addition of Abeng Abeng Dicdican and Fernando Nando Mendoza.[4]
  • 2015-08-26: The team registers for the majors with Ewe replacing Abeng.[5]
  • 2015-09-20: Ewe Leaves Execration, Sirc Joins the team as a TryOut.
  • 2015-11-11: RR, BYB and Shanks joins the team while Foxx, Primo and Sirc leave.

  • 2014-06-01: Team created.
  • 2014-08-22: Bimbo joins the team, replacing Abeng.
  • 2014-10-29: Bimbo leaves the team.
  • 2014-11-04: Doc and Primo joins to replace Bimbo and RR.



ID Имя Позиция Дата присоединения
Филиппины Gabbi Kim Villafuerte 1 2016-08-26
Филиппины Abed Abed Yusop 2 2016-02-10
Филиппины rapppy Rafael Sicat Palo 3 2016-09-13
Филиппины DJ Djardel Mampusti 4 2016-08-26
Филиппины Kim0 Капитан Kimuel Rodis 5 2014-06-01


Дата Место Событие Соперник Приз
2014-10-25 A77-е - 8-е Star Ladder Star Series Season 10 0 : 1  Alliance Alliance $5,850


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