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Gauntlet of the Infernal Rambler

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Gauntlet of the Infernal Rambler
Cosmetic icon Gauntlet of the Infernal Rambler.png
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Редкость: Mythical
Слот: Левая рука

Before his family offered him up as acolyte to the Grandmaster of the Demon Witch tradition -- and long before he became the Grandmaster himself and began to walk a darker path -- Lion's days were spent tending his family's sheep, his ever-watchful eyes scanning the tree line for the lupine predators that hungered for his herd.
Набор «Infernal Rambler»
Helm of the Infernal Rambler
Shoulders of the Infernal Rambler
Gauntlet of the Infernal Rambler
Scepter of the Infernal Rambler
Mantle of the Infernal Rambler
Загрузочный экран: Infernal Rambler



Изменяется Тип Просмотр
Стиль по умолчанию Разблокируемый эффект частиц
Частицы Эффект Infernal Rambler.gif Infernal Rambler Ambient.gif

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